UAE Driving Guidelines/Regulations

Renting a car in Abu Dhabi is of much more concern following the basic rules or guidelines of driving. Anyone who violates the rule will have a penalty and cancellation of driving license accordingly.

Following are some rules that should be followed while driving in Abu Dhabi, UAE:


In the UAE, it is lawful to drive a car while wearing a seatbelt, even if you are sitting in the back seat.

For children under the age of four, a child safety seat must be in the car.

No one younger than 10 years old should be riding in the front seat.

Drunk Driving

In the UAE, it is strictly forbidden to drive after consuming alcohol, and offenders face jail time and/or fines of at least AED 20,000.


Driving in the UAE requires having at least third-party insurance.

Mobile Device Use While Driving

In the UAE, using a cell phone while driving is absolutely forbidden.

If caught, the driver will be assessed AED 800 and four black points.

Fuel advice

If tyres are inflated to their manufacturers’ recommended levels, fuel mileage might be slightly increased.

Friction reduction would raise the average.

In Case Of Accident

If an accident has occurred but no one has been hurt, kindly park the car on the side of the road to prevent traffic congestion from vehicles approaching from behind. Then, contact the local police station to report the occurrence.

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