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Essential Summer Tips for Maintaining Your Rental Car in Abu Dhabi

Essential Summer Tips for Maintaining Your Rental Car in Abu Dhabi

High temperatures are common in summer causing cosmetic impairments in the car. The driver or owner of the car is always on the lookout for any damage and does everything in their power to prevent it from ever happening. A high degree of heat is usual in UAE, especially Abu Dhabi, where the normal temperature fluctuates around 39 Celsius. This becomes particularly important when the car you drive is not your own but rather rented from a rental car company. This article explores some of the essential tips to maintain your rental car in Abu Dhabi during the hot days of the summer and makes your driving experience seamless.

Check fluids regularly

Keeping a check on your car fluids regularly is undoubtedly the most important thing you should do to keep your rental car running for long journeys ahead. Make certain you have enough fuel to complete your trip and add extra on the way to your destination. Take notice of your car’s engine oil and make sure the engine is not burning any extra oil. You likewise have enough supply of coolant or antifreeze agent as the car can get extremely hot while running for long hours at considerable speed. Coolant will cool down the car. Besides these, keep check of other fluids required for the proper functioning of the car. At our car rental, you are given a thoroughly fluid-checked rental automobile for your luxurious travel.

Monitor tire pressure

A tire blowout is one of the common problems you may face while using a car for a longer period. Traveling at high speeds with low air pressure in the motor may cause the tire to blow out and will put you in a scary position in the middle of nowhere. That is why it is important to control your tire pressure for a comfortable ride. Tire Pressure Monitoring System in your rental car may give advance indication of this problem ever occurring and warn you if your tires are either under-inflated or over-inflated and prevent any potential tire blowout. It also helps in fuel economy. The car you rent from Capital Cars Rental is properly checked for tires and air and looked for any nature of malfunctions.

Park in shade

Natural phenomena like sun radiation, rain, storm, and dust wind may sometime damage your car if it’s not parked in a protective parking area. Sun radiations could heat the car and damage your vehicle, heavy rain sometimes causes car breakdown, storms may physically damage parts of your wheeler, and so on. To prevent these problems from ever happening, it is important to park your car in a shaded area where it is protected from sun rays, water droplets, and other natural mini-disasters. 

Check battery

A battery is perhaps one of the major components of a car. With a good quality battery fixed to the car, you can start it efficiently and with ease. Faulty or low-quality batter results in poor car starting experience or not starting at all. It becomes a mess for the driver and may need a lot of human strength to even start the car. That is why it is important to keep a close check on the battery to make sure it’s not faulty and is of high quality. A working battery also helps in other processes like a GPS, stereo system, lights, and wipers. Our rental cars are equipped with high-quality batteries that work effortlessly for long journeys.

Wash car regularly

Driving on a muddy road is often a painful experience and it makes your car dirty. Bird droppings and other corrosive materials on your automobile damage your car if it’s not washed properly for a certain period. Washing a car after every few days not only removes the dirt from your car, but it also helps in eradicating diseases from your car and prevents you and your loved ones from getting sick. Car wash and wax also help in shielding your rented car from fatal cosmic rays coming from the sun.

Inspect air conditioning

Inspecting your car AC is one of the prime services that you should do regularly during the high temp days of an Abu Dhabi summer. Geographically, UAE is in a very blistering and arid part of Asia and becomes almost impossible to live, let alone drive a car, on a high-temperature day under the blazing sun giving out scorching heat. An air conditioner helps regulate the air inside and keep it free from contamination that is why it is important to make sure the air conditioning system is working fine and sound. It will result in a comfortable and luxurious travel experience for you. All the rental cars we have are fully furnished with state-of-the-art AC fitted inside to give a really good experience.

Emergency kit

An emergency kit is an important tool for every driver when they decide to go on long journeys. It has everything a person may require when the car suddenly breaks down or something goes wrong with it. It may have something as trivial as food or something paramount as an antifreeze agent or any other technical tool. It also has a wiper, shovel, towels, battery, tire, and some other tools. This comes in handy when you are stuck in an emergency in a very far-off place. 

Don’t forget to give this article a read before embarking on a journey in a summer holiday in the magnificent city of Abu Dhabi in a rented car. Capital Cars Rental is your go-to stop for hiring or renting any style of car suiting your needs.

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