Why Renting a Car in Abu Dhabi is a Better Option than Buying Own?

Economical car available for rent in Abu Dhabi.

It is a long debate when comes to whether to rent a car or buy one in Abu Dhabi. UAE comprises more than 80 percent of expats. Also, people all around the world love it for tourism as well. Living here is itself expensive so renting a car is a better option than buying one. […]

Rent a Car for Just AED 1!

Exclusive Offer at Capital Cars Rental Abu Dhabi: Rent a Car for Just AED 1! At Capital Cars Rental Abu Dhabi, we’re excited to announce an unbelievable offer that redefines affordable luxury in car rentals. Imagine renting a top-quality car for just AED 1! Yes, you read that right – your next car rental could […]

Elevate Your Special Occasions with Limousine Rentals from Capital Cars Rental Abu Dhabi

Special occasions call for extraordinary experiences. At Capital Cars Rental Abu Dhabi, we understand the importance of these moments and are proud to offer luxurious limousine rental services to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your events. Whether it’s for a wedding, an important business meeting, or any other special occasion, our fleet […]

Revolutionizing Car Rentals in Abu Dhabi: No Deposit, No Credit Card Required

In the bustling city of Abu Dhabi, where the pace of life matches the luxury and speed of its cars, Capital Cars Rental Abu Dhabi is setting a new benchmark in the car rental industry. As the first rental company among over 300 agencies in the city, we proudly offer an unprecedented service: car rentals […]

Driving Licenses From Countries Valid In UAE  

Austria Italy Romania Australia Japan Saudi Arabia Bahrain Kuwait Serbia Belgium Latvia Singapore Canada (Quebec*) Lithuania Slovakia* China Luxembourg South Africa Denmark Netherlands (Holland) South Korea Finland New Zealand Spain France Norway Sweden Germany Oman Switzerland Greece Poland Turkey Hungary Portugal United Kingdom(UK) Hong Kong Qatar United States of America (USA) Ireland Visiting the UAE […]

Rental car instructions to follow during a sandstorm in Abu Dhabi

Sand Strome

The strategic and safe location of UAE on the Arabian Peninsula provides it safety from extreme winds that originate in other parts of Arabia. Nonetheless, some strong winds that experts say originate in Iraq and Kuwait reach the coastal emirates of UAE, particularly Abu Dhabi. The arid landscape and dry weather of this Emirate force […]

Why You Need to Opt for a Car Rental in Dubai

Why You Need to Opt for a Car Rental in Dubai

A hired car can make your holidays so much easier, yet vacations are not the only reason why you should opt for a rental car. To drive a luxury vehicle such as a MG5 or Nissan Patrol is a dream that many of us hold, however, most of us do not necessarily earn enough money […]

What to Consider Before Renting a Family Car

What to Consider Before Renting a Family Car

On the off chance that you’ve got a uncommon family occasion coming up or need something littler, greener, and nippier for the school run or trip to the Mall, Capital Car Rental is here to assist. Instead of buying a car, why not lease? Long-term rental assentions can be changed as your family needs change. That gives you greater flexibility, and more choices, and can work out cheaper than buying a car within […]

Essential Summer Tips for Maintaining Your Rental Car in Abu Dhabi

Essential Summer Tips for Maintaining Your Rental Car in Abu Dhabi

High temperatures are common in summer causing cosmetic impairments in the car. The driver or owner of the car is always on the lookout for any damage and does everything in their power to prevent it from ever happening. A high degree of heat is usual in UAE, especially Abu Dhabi, where the normal temperature […]

Rental car vs public transport in Abu Dhabi

Individuals not owning a car often rely on public transport or car rental to navigate their daily routines. They utilize a bus for their workplaces, educational institutes, or trips to other cities. Occasionally, they prefer to rent a car, providing them more freedom and flexibility in their travel. This article outlines a comparison between rental […]